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Thread: Are recovery moves overpowered?

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    Question Are recovery moves overpowered?

    Just a thought that came into my head.

    There's really no particular drawback to recovery moves in Pokemon that I can think of, and if a Pokemon is particularly bulky or has loads of HP, it can make them nigh unkillable.

    So considering Sword/Shield completely retooled the metagame by retconning some moves, I was wondering if anyone thought that they should have scrapped recovery moves, too?
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    Default Re: Are recovery moves overpowered?

    I always liked Recovery Moves, but maybe that's just me. The only strategy I could come up with.

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    Default Re: Are recovery moves overpowered?

    They generally have low PP, plus you can't recover and attack at the same time (unless you use something like Giga Drain, but that's not very strong as either an offensive move nor a recovery move, so it's not worth it unless you have a type advantage). So no, I don't think they're overpowered. It's not that hard to wear out a healing opponent.

    It can be a more useful strategy in 2-on-2 battles, where you can have a tank healing while another pokemon uses attacks which affect both opponents. If the tank can survive the opponents' attacks, it'll get an opening to attack when the others go for its partner, and then by the time its partner falls the opponents will be pretty worn out and it won't be hard to defeat them. That would be a good strategy for a Snorlax, or some other Pokemon who can take hits, heal and then do massiva damage. But it's not impenetrable. If the partner falls too soon, the tank will be facing two strong opponents and may not be able to bring them down before they deal a fatal blow.

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    Default Re: Are recovery moves overpowered?

    I don't think that recovery moves are so strong that they should be removed from the game. They are a useful tactic in certain situations like every other strong move can be.
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