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Thread: E3 2021

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    Default E3 2021

    Hey guys, so I was wonder about your impressions on this event so far.

    As for me, I'm looking forward to Nintendo's presentation tomorrow. Being the owner of a Nintendo Switch, I believe it still has potential for more than what they have given us so far. Apart from the obvious "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2", "a new Super Smash Bros fighter" and more info on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, I do expect other interesting titles.

    The oddballs for me have been the Xbox fridge (yes, an actual fridge) and Doki Doki Literature Club for the Nintendo Switch (Nintendo was once the most conservative company of the big 3).

    Anyway, thoughts? Impressions?

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    Default Re: E3 2021

    I haven't been paying a lot attention to E3 but I have heard of some of the announcements. So far, Guardians of the Galaxy is the only announced game that I am looking forward to. Based on the trailer it looks like they learned what not to do from the Avengers game.

    It could be because I'm currently playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition (my first time playing the Mass Effect trilogy) but the game play reminds me of Mass Effect. You play as one character, get to control your squad, travel to other planets, and get to make decisions on how to go about doing things. I hoping this ends up being a much better game than Avengers.

    Edit: Now that Nintendo did their presentation, I can add Metroid Dread to the list of games I am looking forward to. This now brings the total number of games announced at E3 that I am looking forward to to 2.
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