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Thread: Anime and Manga Forum Rules

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    Happy Anime and Manga Forum Rules

    Welcome to TPM's Anime and Manga Forum!

    1) Obey TPM's General Rules. No SPAM. We are NOT encouraging trolling or Facebook-esque unoriginal, blunt comments, only SOMETIMES a few words are enough.

    2) No sexually explict pictures, but talking about an anime is OK to CERTAIN extent. If you're unsure about the anime you're talking about, contact a Moderator.

    3) With every anime and manga packed in the same forum, if you want to post a thread about a specific anime, please name the anime in the thread title.

    4) With the Spoiler Subforum gone, Spoiler tags should be taken into account in either thread titles or individual posts. For instance, if you're in a Death Note thread, don't post a spoiler reference to Attack on Titan without warning.

    5) If you have any questions or if you want to discuss these rules, feel free to make your suggestions here or PM the Moderators.

    Current Moderator: Mikachu Yukitatsu

    I made this thread sticky and unstickified The Missing Link and Dark-San's old Rule threads.
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