Anybody else here collecting (or trying to collect) the Pokémon cards that are currently being given away in Happy Meals? I guess it has been crazy in some places, with some McDonald’s allowing people to buy unlimited cards without purchasing food... fortunately it hasn’t been nearly that bad here... McDonald’s around here have been making people buy the actual meals to get the cards... which I am glad, it’s more expensive, but makes it more fair for everyone... I’ve gotten a Happy Meal most of the days of the promotion so far lol. I am only 4 cards away from the complete set of common cards, and I am at 11/25 for the foil cards... although ironically I already have the complete set of Fire type starters in the foil cards. Not sure if I am gonna try for the whole foil set but hoping to at least get a full set of the commons. I don’t think I’ve had this many days of Happy Meals since Teenie Beanie Babies ^_^