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Thread: Episodes to Remember

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    Happy Episodes to Remember

    Anime episodes to remember, or movies, too, if you like.

    Any found anime memories? I'll start with some Pokemon ones, in chronological order.

    1) The first Pokemon episode I ever watched. It was late autumn 1999, and I think the episode in question was the second Pokemon episode ever, Pokemon Emergency! It hooked me instantly like a

    2) March 2000, I began taping Pokemon episodes, starting from Bye Bye Butterfree. Meanwhile, fitting to the theme, I was caught by a one-sided romance with a girl who could laugh endlessly and that's also when a certain incident referred to Zak's old signature took place. Yes, talking about the one with me on the windowsill but then remembering Pokemon being on the air next Saturday.

    3) I went to see the second Pokemon movie Pokemon 2000: The Power of One to the theater on subsequent days. I became obsessed in Articuno. And partly Lugia, as well. In the following year, I went to a Finnish second level institution called Lukio and I channeled lots of energy I got from Pokemon to studying.

    4) Back in 2001, I watched Princess VS Princess seven times during the same day. My favourite episode back there, mostly because of Misty in kimono 着物.

    5) Just in time on the same day the ninth grade ended and the summer vacation 2001 started, the Finnish TV channel MTV3 (stupid name unrelated to Music Television) showed Showdown at the Poke-Corral where Ash said Pokemon League would start in two months and lukio started after two months for me!

    6) I was already a young TPMer by then, and MTV3 skipped, or to use a Finnish expression, jumped over one Kanto eppie plus the entire Orange League I was astonished to hear the Johto Theme Song when I was waiting for Friends to the End. I would have later been able to see Orange League on Swedish TV, too bad the nearest point to watch that channel was in the West coast of Finland.

    More to come!

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    Default Re: Episodes to Remember

    I only closely followed the Pokémon anime through its first two season and most of the Orange Island episodes. Generally episodes me and a friend still mention now and then were the ones were Ash won his badges and how it seemed to us that Ash was shown as a bad trainer. Pity badges is what we called them cause he barely won any in a proper Pokémon fight.

    I also remember that we saw the Pokémon 2000 movie three times within two weeks at the theater. It's incredible how popular the first two movies were. A bunch of kids... and us two adults.
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