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    Surprise VEGETA <3

    This here nostalgic topic is about an old anime/manga that is quite well-known to anybody around here.

    So did you like the way the good old Dragon Ball (Z) handled its characters? Was it as ground-breaking and pioneering as it seems? Old bad guys turning into good guys and all that?

    Piccolo became a very sympathetic character. He killed thousands of innocent people but everything forgave it in the end. Actually, he was a good guy to begin with, he just divided at one point in the past. And not until now I realized Vegeta never really killed many Earth people, at least they didn't show him kill. Vegeta just ruthlessly sat back and watched. However, Vegeta has become a very loved DBZ character, he has a decent fanbase, and no doubt he helped Goku and others later a bunch of times.
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    I mean, it really depends on whether Planet Arlia is considered canon or not.

    If so, Vegeta was a genocidal maniac who literally wiped out an entire species because they annoyed him.

    Really makes a difference as to whether he is worthy of redemption, I reckon.
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