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Thread: Rank the Japanese Pokemon Openings

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    Cool Rank the Japanese Pokemon Openings

    Here you can listen to almost every Japanese Pokemon intro:

    And here you are, the rest of them:

    Aim to Be a Pokemon Master (20th Anniversary)
    Future Connection
    Your Adventure
    One, Two, Three

    My ranking, though you don't have to be so detailed:

    25.) Challenger!!
    Somehow my least favourite intro. Among the first Pokemon Openings I heard in Japanese, Hoenn was a major disappointment anyway.

    24.) Advance Adventure
    I can't say a lot more good about this one. Even the Finnish version is better, actually one of my favourite editions, and this comes from a guy who watched Hoenn in a mental hospital, where most nurses and doctors treat liking Pokemon as a sympton of some sickness.

    23.) Pokemon Symphonic Medley
    I should be a classical music fan, but I really can't recommend this one. A good idea failed.

    22.) High Touch!
    This Sinnoh Op has this childish tune around it and it's not exactly the best piece to describe a decent Pokemon season. I'm not saying Pokemon Songs should be Death Note-esque Zetsubou Billy-clones (the link may lead to Death Note spoilers), though.

    21.) Mega V (Mega Volt)
    I really liked the Pokemon XY seasons, so you must wonder why his is not ranked higher, or in this case, lower. However, in my opinion this song doesn't succeed as a 'modern hardcore techno' version of V (Volt) what it clearly tries to be.

    20.) Together
    This is actually a fairly good song, lyrics are nice, and there's nothing annoying ecxcessively childish or other stuff that remind of the weak points of Pokemon Anime. However, this can also been seen as a negative thing, because this is a song that doesn't stand out of the mass as something new and different.

    19.) Battle Frontier
    Quite the same goes for this opening, plus some cool guitars.

    18.) Summerly Slope
    I have to confess haven't listened to this song too many times, as I haven't watched the later episodes of Best Wishes! anime at all. Really needs to see this in action.

    17.) Your Adventure
    Another new-ish song to me, but, at the same time, I must say the same about this as I said about Together and Battle Frontier, they aren't songs that I could label as 'special'.

    16.) Be an Arrow!
    In fact, this is quite good in terms of melody, but the orchestra could be better so the great potential is ruined by the bad implementation.

    15.) The Rivals
    This is actually a song that's difficult to rank anywhere, it stands out somehow different especially among the other older pieces. What's more, Finland skipped Orange League so I find this hard to relate.

    14.) V (Volt)
    The original version of the first opening of XY&Z seasons. Quite catchy, but something even better would be expected for such a great season. Fortunately the best opening is yet to come!!

    13.) Alola!!
    An underrated introduction for (perhaps?) underrated seasons. Sums up the basic aspects of Pokemon battling and training quite well. Too bad many people detest the design of Pokemon Sun and Moon anime.

    12.) Aim to Be a Pokemon Master (20th Anniversary)
    This song brings fresh touch to the timeless classic, yet something feels off. Perhaps it should have a more special vibe, something similar to this BiSH version of Sailor Moon's Moon Revenge, especially the part after 2:16. "NOZOMU NO NARA...!!!

    11.) Mad-Paced Getter
    One of the last songs, if not the last one, in this list that I have mixed emotions on. The Japanese lyrics are quite nice, although it's odd to hear the word 'hallelujah' in the middle of a Pokemon song. Anyway, the melody is still a bit too forgettable and it's hard to make it out what this song really is trying to be.

    10.) One, Two, Three
    I didn't like this intro at first, but I started listening it more and more and the song eventually reached this rank. Lyrics are one of the strongest points.

    9.) Aim to Be a Pokemon Master
    This song barely making it to the top ten may come as a surprise, but maybe I have heard it too many times, plus, there's another version out there that soon made the first opening even greater...

    8.) Best Wishes!
    This stands out from the rest of Pokemon intros with, like, zero violence and is a fresh expection as a piece of music, too. Of course I totally understand why the lack of battles may disturb some fans.

    7.) Future Connection
    I think I haven't heard this song ever before making this topic, but it can't be bad because it's made by ЯeaL, the same band that's behind the awesome Gintama opening Kagerou (the link may lead to major Gintama spoilers).

    6.) Ready Go!
    A really good opening, has this sad vibe, yet Ash's dream and friendship with his Pokemon carries on. Japanese lyrics and the way to sing them are mindblowing, 'with you I surpass the seven-coloured rainbow!'.

    5.) Spurt!
    You shouldn't wonder why I used this song in the first of my old TPM montage videos. Even DarkestLight approved its usage of Pidgeot and Tyranitar. Here's a comic relief: 'kutsuhimo' is Japanese for shoelace but 'kutsu' is Finnish for call and 'himo' is LUST!.

    4.) The Greatest - Everyday!
    This song may sound childish to some ears, but in my opinion it's an amazing combination of supreme Japanese vocals and, at least in terms of Pokemon, top-class animation. The theme gives me cold shivers in the good way all the way from Ash chasing Ho-Oh through Lugia, Groudon and Kyogre battling to Ash's team finally in the arena.

    3.) OK!
    One of the most iconic Pokemon openings ever, I dare say. Even one of my hard rock-obsessed pals in Haapaveden Lukio (Haapavesi High School/College) found it far better than he would have expected of a Pokemon song.

    2.) Aim to Be a Pokemon Master (Whiteberry Version)
    The best edition of the first Pokemon intro by far. Awesome sounds bring an evergreen touch on this classic. The music fits perfectly to this video full of great appearances of Pokemon from both 1st and 2nd Generation.

    1.) XY&Z
    My absolute favourite Pokemon intro of all time and one of my favourite anime songs, too. The XYZ finals are a already great storywise, and this almost if not true Heavy-Metal masterpiece top the great series where Ash is mature and no more does dumb decisions and mistakes. Just when you thought you heard the best part of this song, it gets even better, climaxing in 'Hyakuman boruto'. I even have made my own version of this opening, Paavo V Anime featuring a certain persistent Finnish politician.

    So what's your opinion?
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    Default Re: Rank the Japanese Pokemon Openings

    It’s been ages that I have watched the anime so I will only rate those that I actually remember from way back when. Frankly, I was never too fond of the Japanese intros. The outros were way funnier and better I think.

    1.) Aim to be a Pokémon Master… the classic theme.
    2.) Ready Go! … Soothing.
    3.) Advance Adventure … A rather mediocre remix oft he original intro. Music’s too loud compared to the singing.
    4.) The Rivals … This one is pretty bad in my opinion. It has a very weird rhythm.
    5.) OK! … Way too fast and over the top. The singing doesn't sound fitting with the tune.
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