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Thread: Pokémon Go into the breath of the Wild

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    Default Pokémon Go into the breath of the Wild

    Right before you guys while I am directly quoting the transcript of Prologue for Pocket Monsters: The Animation it should be noted that it describes how how pokemon appeared in our world, ir should be noted that in Pokémon Go and Pokémon Let's Go, Pokémon appear out of a white glowing orbs of light, so it fits with the whole idea so don't yell at me over damn copyrights issues, if you have an problem with my ideas then explained them so I an at least work out some sort of compromise without having to do a major overhaul of my story's plot again!

    Now this story is inspired by elements of Pokémon Go and Pokémon Let's Go, it also happens to be a 15th Anniversary special and remaster of The Postosaky Tournament while the story is still set in Michigan/the Marshiso region it's clearly meant to be a somewhat difent beast altogether for one thing it's set in the year 2021, Now without any further ado let the pokemon apocalypse begin!

    Prologue: Birth of a new world

    Date unknown

    “So those humans created an alignment realty app for their smart phones in order to simulate catching wild Pokémon in their world, very well then let’s see how they will react if the so so called Pokéstops latterly spawned my children!” A white creature with a gold ring said. “Gather to me, my 1,000 arms and bring forth literal incarnations of the Pokéstops into Midgard!” a worm hole open and a horde of black creatures with a single eye appeared out of it, they were shaped like letters, although not just of the Latin alphabet.


    Some time later on Earth in the darkness of night, a small light was glowing.
    Pop …
    There was a little noise, like an explosion in the air.
    Then, a creature is born.
    Meanwhile, elsewhere …
    Pop …
    Pop …
    Pop …
    Those creatures are born, one after the other, all these creatures were of different sizes and shapes; some of these were like some we know. But in fact, were completely different from any other creature that ever existed in this world.
    Like humans, who after a long time of evolution, became different from any species of monkey, each species in the world descends from creatures that already existed. however these creatures were different…
    Suddenly, one evening …
    Pop …
    Pop …
    Pop …
    They appear as they are, in ways we can not recognize in our reference books. Theses fanatic beasts, are magical creatures known the world over as Pokémon, why are they in our world? Trying to explain this mystery is as difficult as explaining the mystery of human evolution.
    They appear as they are, in ways we can not recognize in our reference books. Theses fanatic beasts, are magical creatures known the world over as Pocket Monsters or Pokémon, why are they in our world? Trying to explain this mystery is as difficult as explaining the mystery of human evolution. ~ An excerpt from “An Introduction to the Research of Portable Beasts” by Professor Samuel Oak of the Celadon University Portable Beast Department…


    January 1st, 2021 12:00 AM

    Ablinsing white light enveloped the Earth and the whole earth shook violently as explosions happened all over the world.

    A 37 year old man was rereading a Harry Potter fanfic when he heard what sounded like wo Eevee Barking "Ehvoh!" coming from outside his bedroom dor so he opened his bedrum door and saw a very hyperactive Eevee wearing a pink collar. looking at the door outside he got up and opened the door and another slightly muddy Eevee wearing a red collar ran in and jumped on jon him and started to lick his face "Rookie is that you buddy?" the man asked as he closed the door

    "Ehvoh!" the muddy Eevee barked. not too be out done the Eevee wearing a pink collar jumped on him as well and started to lick his face as well.

    "Well Allie it seems Rookie is back with us" the man said.

    "Ehvoh!" Both his Eevee barked.

    the young man looked back into his beardom while it good looker fermilliure in somewhat was different in other ways it was a much bigger space and was lined with bookshelves, he also saw that there was a table with three Pokéballs on it and then looked at his computer char were a lab coat was, just then he herd a voice coming from a side room.

    "Charles what are you doing you owe me a kiss." the woman said who was apparently his wife if he wasn't mistaken.

    "Coming I was just checking on what made that explosion, I therize or world merged with another that Onlly knew of Pokémon as a games and a multibillion dollar industry."

    "Well hurry up our children are waiting for you."

    "I'm a father?" Charles said and prompt fainted.


    And there you have it a new new take on a 15 year old plotline. Yeah I know Eevee is over used a lot as a starter however they are based off my dogs, sadly Rookie passed away a fey years ago, that's why I had him resurrected and Reincarnated as an Eevee. Now Clearly one idea I had was to set it in a Post-apocalyptic dystopia however I chose to go with a somewhat safer route by having the Pokémon world merged with our earth. Still doesn't mean there's not a bunch of Chaos happening around the world on top of everything else.

    Oh yeah I will note that even thought it was Winter on December 31, when the clock struck midnight it became Spring this is becuse I'm using the Season mechanic which sadly was under utilized in the fifth generation than abandoned altogether in the following generations.Now am I saying thats main Gimmick of the Marshiso region no, I'm just have plans to use it to explained why there's no longer any snow on the ground when Charles walks outside, Also since I'm a fan of Farming games Like Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons and Rune Factory, do don't be surprised if some of the elements show up in this story, indeed I think it would have made for an interesting crossover.

    Also no the sessions are not main Gimmick of the Marshiso region although it builds on the concept, no the Marsiso region is teeming with Dragon type emery which is known as the Dragon Force which is the form the infantry energy takes in the Marshiso region explaining why there are so many dragon type Pokémon that call the Marshiso region home, it should be noted that most gain the dragon type opon evolution similar to how Delta Pokémon gained the Metal type in the the Holon region.


    Marshiso regional Pokédex


    ???: Eevee


    ???: Unown
    ???: Arceus

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