Sooooooo...... activity. I start stuff and never finish. Why not post some stuff I wrote, completely out of context with no explanation? That's what this thread is for- little unfinished bits from your favorite poster (pssst- that's me) of stuff that may otherwise never see the light of day.

Let's begin with the latest:


Like a flash in the darkness, there they were again, opening wide.

He shot up with a gasp, the cool Odyapes air in his lungs relieving the thick hot sweat that enveloped him. He rubbed his eyes, taking a moment to steady his racing heart as he slowly laid back down on his bed in the darkness. A ringing abruptly disturbed the whistling nighttime breezes of the ocean planet he now called home, but his head had already sunk far too deep back into his pillow to care. The voicemail greeting engaged with a click.

"Rwaaaaaaaoooorrr! This is Beastman!" His pre-recorded voice bellowed as he swung his legs out over the side of his bed. "If you're in danger, get to a safe spot, now!" A shiver ran up his spine. His trembling hand hovered over the answer button of his communicator console. "I've missed your call, but if there's a monster on the loose, I'll be racing-!"

With a deep breath, he jammed his finger into the console. "Rwaaaaaaaooorrrr! This is Beastman!" He hollered.

"Huh," came a woman's voice, "you really do live your gimmick."

"This is just who I am, ma'am!" He said. "What can the Beastman do for you?"

"I'm with the Galactic Federation. We need your monster expertise. There's been an incident in Bianca Town."

He stood up, stretching his arms briefly. "Bianca Town? Not familiar with that one."

"We'll send you the co-ordinates. I don't mean to be pushy, but time is a factor. How soon can you be on your way?"

He silently sat back down on his bed. "I can be geared up and gone in half an hour, ma'am. Beastman is always prepared!"

"Good. We'll discuss payment on-site. A liaison will meet you there."

With a click, he was left in silence again. He reached over to his night stand, and popped the lid off a large liquor flask. Taking one deep swig, he shuddered and shivered as his veins stung and burned. Capping the flask again, he stood up and lumbered to the closet against the wall. He opened the great big doors, and a dim light flickered on inside, illuminating his outfit.

He placed his hand on the bright green helmet. "It's showtime."

The Jaws

The canopy of the Hyper Speeder slid open, and Beastman nimbly hopped out, landing deftly on the pavement below. "Beastman at your service!" He declared.

The tall lady in the Federation jumpsuit walked forward with her right hand extended. "Thanks for coming on such short notice," She said, "Hope I didn't wake you up."

Beastman took her hand in his. "You look familiar," He said. "Wait... Jody Summer?"

The Federation woman grinned. "I see I've made an impression," she said.

"About eight inches long on the side of my Hyper Speeder's hull," said Beastman, looking over at his machine.

Jody shrugged. "We'll call that and the wake-up call even for running me into the rails back in Red Canyon last year. Anyway, back to business?"

Beastman nodded, and Jody led him to the spot on the streets of Bianca Town that had been cordoned off with a thick yellow tape. A chalk outline lay on the ground of a humanoid figure, with deep splotches of red staining the surrounding asphalt. "A murder?" Asked Beastman, staring at the scene as other Federation officers surveyed the area.

"A fatal attack," said Jody. "The local civil outfit wanted an autopsy right away. The wounds on our vic- or what's left of him, are consistent with bite marks. Large, sharp bite marks."

Beastman looked up and studied the surroundings. "A wild animal wanders into town and has a local for a midnight snack," He pondered. "Even for this nothing town in the middle of nowhere, that's a little farfetched. Any witnesses?"

Jody shook her head. "Nothing. We can get you access to the morgue if you need a look at the vic."

Beastman wandered off, inspecting the walls of the nearby alley. "That won't be necessary," He said, placing his hand near a large gouge in the metal wall, "I've got enough."

"Already?" Asked Jody, surprised. "Are you certain?"


Then, Beastman lowered his voice.


Jody took a quick glance around before heading into the alley, motioning for Beastman to follow. Once they were alone, she turned to him and whispered, "Take a look at the vic first," she insisted with a near-whisper. "I know you two had a tiff at the Grand Prix, but we need you to do everything you can to rule Bio-Rex out of this."

Beastman's jaw dropped. "What? Why?"

Jody closed her eyes and grimaced. Finally, she muttered, "The Federation is... giving Bio-Rex intelligent being designation."

"You're joking."

"No, I'm not. The brass decided that he fits all the criteria for being as intelligent a life form as you and I. There hasn't been an announcement yet, but when there is, Bio-Rex will become a citizen under the guard of the Federation, just like the rest of us."

Beastman paused to swallow the bitter taste in his mouth. "Citizen or not, we can still charge him with murder."

Jody quickly stole a glace back onto the street before turning back to Beastman. "And that's why we need you to try your best to rule him out. Bio-Rex is intimidating, yes. He's potentially dangerous, yes. But he hasn't done anything illegal- nothing that we're aware of, anyway. If we slap murder charges- cannibalism to boot, on him, the Takorans will latch onto that and start crying discrimination. The Federation will lose any leverage it has at the bargaining table with Takora, and-" Jody paused to lower her voice into a grumble, "and I'm not getting into another shouting match with fucking Octoman again."

"No, it's him," Beastman insisted, walking back to the gouge on the wall. "Look at this- the height, the angle, the width in the middle- it's consistent with a downward slash from one of his claws. And look! On the ground," Beastman continued, dropping to a knee and placing his hand by a series of grooves in the pavement, "That's Bio-Rex's right foot- his dominant foot, his talons, sitting down into his slashes and swinging for the fences."

As Beastman stood up again, Jody moved closer to his side. "Look, I don't like the idea of turning a blind eye to any possibility in an investigation, but the Federation won't even consider going after Bio-Rex without absolute proof it was him. And I mean absolute. So unless you can dig up any video records or an entire galactic convoy of witnesses, you're to leave the dinosaur alone. Are we clear?"

Beastman's teeth began to grind. "We're clear."