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Thread: Making a TPM tribute to homeofmew...suggestions welcome!

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    Default Making a TPM tribute to homeofmew...suggestions welcome!

    Hi everyone,

    As some of you probably know by now, we lost a member of our community a little over two weeks ago to COVID-19. Tina (aka homeofmew) was well known here for a game she had in PCG/GGG, namely the Pokemon Fortune Telling Book. As the current moderator of GGG, it makes me really sad that she's no longer around to continue this game, and as such, I personally think this game should be retired; after all, there'll never be another homeofmew.

    Anyway, let's come to the real purpose of this topic; does anyone have suggestions about things we can do to show Tina's family how much we appreciated having her as a member of our forums? Chances are, her family might not be aware of TPM's existence, but I still think we should do something to give our condolences to her family over their loss.

    So yeah, let's get some suggestions on what we can do to honor Tina's memory, TPM. Even though she is no longer here physically, we can take solace in the memories we have of her.
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    Default Re: Making a TPM tribute to homeofmew...suggestions welcome!

    It could be something related to the Pokemon Fortune Telling Book, like us presenting the condolences as TPM Pokemon sprites or something. Like I got once. This is just my idea though, and it may fail as there are no TPM Pokemon sprites for each Pokemon. Of course it could be about time we make sprites fot those specific Pokemon homeofmew gave us.

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    Default Re: Making a TPM tribute to homeofmew...suggestions welcome!

    Maybe we could all write a couple of things about our interactions with her on TPM, and everything that she did that made TPM special/unique, such as the Pokemon Fortune Telling Book.
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