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Thread: To Become HOKAGE is my DREAM

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    Default To Become HOKAGE is my DREAM

    Yep yep, this thread is not one of those about Boris Johnson calling you at midnight like they don't sing in Sailor Moon's original Japanese opening or perhaps mr_pikachu meeting Gavin Luper in the middle of Code Geass.

    This not about dreams you see when you go to bed and sleep, they are dreams you want to realize in your life in the future. I think we really need something else to think about here in Miscellaneous Stuff than death and coronavirus.

    So what are your dreams?

    Back in October 2019, I was asked that question from a lovely girl whom I wanted to become my girlfriend but I remained silent. I would have wanted to answer "MY DREAM IS YOU." but come to think of it, maybe I would have failed anyway.

    Perhaps some of the dreams have already come true?

    All the way from 2001 or 2002, I wanted to become famous at TPM. I wanted to have a high postcount and perhaps even become a moderator. Now I do, but I feel quite empty, I feel I can't achieve anything from this point forward. I can't think of any nice topics to save Anime and Manga forum, but maybe in the future.

    Still, I have some dreams I want to realize, now that I think of it. I want to complete my Japanese-Finnish dictionary project, I want to draw comics, other drawings, write FanFics, play certain videogames...
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