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Thread: Capcom is actually impressing me for a change...

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    Lightbulb Capcom is actually impressing me for a change...

    Gonna keep it above 1000 here and just say that RE4 was never personally one of my top RE games. The simple reason for this is because it has the juice of a different steak, and while it's tasty enough, it just ain't the same kind of meat. However, RE4 is addictive yet dated, and they are also working on promoting a new CG movie. Jill Valentine will be featured in it.

    But this remake of RE4 looks surprisingly good, even if they are yet again going to make some adjustments. Although personally, I wasn't a big fan of the previous two remakes, as they just aren't like the first remake from back in 2002. They removed a lot of content, omitted some enemies, and made the gameplay feel pretty watered down, with zombies being able to absorb more firepower. Also, I hate how every room you go in besides a few, just looks way too dark. You don't have to do that to make a game look more scary. But this remake looks like it will be more like a survival horror game.

    Now, there's also the added issue of Capcom feeling the need to copy other people's games. I don't want to go on an obscure tangent and rabbit on about it too much, but they basically always rip-off stuff from games that recently came out before theirs.

    For example, Konami made a demo called P.T., which was supposed to generate hype for the game, Silent Hills. Only that game got scrapped. We all know about the infamous beef Konami had towards Hideo Kojima. Then Capcom made RE8, and some parts I feel are trying to imitate RE4, which RE8 is usually compared to. Not only that, but the game has a section where you lose your stuff and end up walking about in a spooky house, which not unlike P.T., occurs in first person. In the extra DLC they released last year, they added in mannequins. Now when you are in the world of Silent Hill, you often get attacked by nurses and mannequins as well, so Capcom was probably just trying to mock Konami for cancelling their game in 2015.

    In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, they basically stole ideas from The Last of Us. Too many to bother noting here. But one thing they most certainly copied was the initial Bloater fight. The only difference is that they call this thing that throws fire, a Vulcanblubber. But it's the same type of boss fight, really. You even go out of a window after you defeat it, like what Joel did in the school. Two other things they copied was visiting a dam, and having to hunt things in the winter to acquire food. There's also the ability to see enemies through walls, a young girl happens to have immunity to something that infects others, and etc.

    Anyway, I don't think the RE games are as good as they used to be, well before RE4 was released in 2005. Chris was only in 7 and 8 to serve as a "geezer teaser" for those who feel nostalgic for the main heroes. Because if Capcom bailed out on people by not including a main character, it wouldn't feel like RE at all. But of course, they just had to go and be stupid, and mindlessly go and hire a guy who looks nothing like Chris, or at least not how Chris would look currently. But I guess that's just neither here nor there.


    Thanks for reading. Enjoy RE4 when it comes out in March!

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    Default Re: Capcom is actually impressing me for a change...

    Impressing you but you spent the whole topic complaining about their follies?

    I don't think RE4 needs a remake, beyond the fact it's one of the greatest games of all time and it wouldn't hurt to expose the newer generation of gamers to it. It looks and feels relatively modern. I played a lot of RE1-2 back in the day because of my cousin, but survival-horror was never really my jam personally and even I was blown away by RE4 when it came out. Dunno why I bought it in the first place, but I'm glad I did. Admittedly, RE4 downplays the horror aspect of the franchise quite a bit and pushed it into more of an Action genre direction, but it nonetheless was a hell of a game and pioneered non-first-person shooter mechanics.

    Now the RE movies definitely never felt like they belonged to the Resident Evil franchise to me, so I stopped being interested in them the moment my uncle stopped dragging me to see them. They're just like the most generic of generic action movies with a couple thin references to major RE elements to justify the name. RE7 was kind of a reboot for the franchise after the franchise strayed too far from its horror origins that started in RE4, so I get why the more recent releases don't contain a lot of old-school elements or classic lore. I don't have much of an opinion on the newer games since I'm not super interested in getting back into the franchise either way, as I was always rather on the outside and just thought RE4 was a standout individually. I did hear RE7 was great in VR.
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    Default Re: Capcom is actually impressing me for a change...

    I hear that a lot too about VR, but I didn't play it that way.

    Well, put it like this: I don't want RE to end, but I do think Capcom turned into complete money grabbers, and they often disgraced the franchise, or the people involved with making it a success.

    RE3 was especially bad. I think they should do another online game with co-op. Because the one that came with RE3 as a side game, wasn't that good.

    I guess I complain a lot because I care. But I do admit that my moaning is often overdone.

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    Default Re: Capcom is actually impressing me for a change...

    I did not vibe with RE4 so much, as it was too much of a shift from survival horror to schlocky action thriller. Still fun, but not my vision of RE.

    The fact that they're reinjecting those elements of tension and dread in the remake is exactly what I want to see, I'm looking forward to it.
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