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Thread: Resident Evil 4

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    Cool Resident Evil 4

    What do you think of the remake?

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    It was great! At first I wasn't so excited as it seemed to have few differences to the original, but the more I progressed the more I found it was totally different, even if it kept the major locations and plot points.

    Ashley's also much better in the remake. And the fact you can actually aim while you walk changes the game completely to the original.
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    Default Re: Resident Evil 4

    To be honest, I prefer the earlier games where you had to find items, as opposed to you exchanging money for weapons.

    I've never found that to be true survival horror-like, for some reason.

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    Default Re: Resident Evil 4

    I've played a little bit, and though I'm preferring the darker atmosphere compared to the original, since I only finished that one last year I'm just not feeling any urgency to continue with this one at the moment. I've actually done three RE1 Remake runs in the time since RE4 Remake dropped and I found those much more enjoyable.
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