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Thread: Rewatching the Pokemon anime

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    Lightbulb Rewatching the Pokemon anime

    Hello friends!

    As my latest project, I have decided to start rewatching the Pokemon anime from episode 1!

    I've chronicled my full thoughts in this article here, and I hope to get enough traction for the website to justify continuing this series!

    Crib notes for episode 1:
    - The opening scene has Nidorino attempting to hit Gengar with Horn Attack, and that's just stupid.
    - Ash gets treated like absolute crap.
    - Pikachu is really just a jerk, and their reconciliation feels forced.

    Please enjoy!
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    Default Re: Rewatching the Pokemon anime

    Thank you for watching my debut episode, pal.

    I also read your review, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ash was a loser back then, and to this day, he still is!

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    Default Re: Rewatching the Pokemon anime

    Quote Originally Posted by Drago View Post
    - The opening scene has Nidorino attempting to hit Gengar with Horn Attack, and that's just stupid.
    It was in the games as well!! But I totally understand your frustration now that I think about it, the commentary was talking about Gengar's movement, not about Horn Attack being a Normal type move. Then there comes someone saying that anime is different from the games, but as I said, Red and Blue used the scene, too. It's amazing how you notice new things watching that as an adult. I must admit I didn't notice those things either even after watching the eppie like 10+ times. Or was that BECAUSE I watched it too many times?

    Are you really planning to write an article about every episode? I'm really rooting for you anyway on this endeavour.

    Give it your best shot! I'm looking forward to Gym battles, of course, and also gems like Bye Bye Butterfree and Princess VS Princess.

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