Hey all,

Now that I'm *finally* starting to get into the Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch (I'm mainly playing Let's Go Eevee & Let's Go Pikachu, if anyone is curious), not to mention I also found a way to play both Pokemon Go & Pokemon Home despite my lack of a cell phone (it's thanks to an Android emulator on my computer called MuMuPlayer; if any of you are on Discord, I showed off a shiny Pineco I caught in Go). So, with Fett One's permission, I've decided to post this topic for the purpose of exchanging Pokemon Home friend codes with fellow TPMers.

Here's my friend code (if any of you decide to trade Pokemon with me, and your new Pokemon has a trainer ID of KoTTPM, it's from me):


Anyway, I hope to add as many of you as possible, and Fett One, I just wanted to say thanks. If you wish, you can make the topic sticky.