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    Default Eclipse Day

    Happy Eclipse Day, TPM! Is anybody here in the path of today’s eclipse?! I am lucky enough to be living in the 100% totality area, so I’ll get to experience it from around 2-4:30 today, with the best part being around 3:15, lasting for 3 minutes. This will be the first time ever that I get to see a 100% eclipse, I came close when I was in 3rd grade back in May 1994, it was noticeably darker for awhile… the big one back in 2017 was a little noticeable, slightly darker sky and weird shadows, but that was it. There was actually one back in October too, but it was only a partial eclipse, and it was raining all day anyways so I never noticed a thing. The eclipse today is also Opening Day in Cleveland for the 1st place Cleveland Guardians, so this is a super exciting day for us here!! I guess this is the last eclipse in the US until 2045, and the last time a total eclipse will be in Ohio until 2099… for some people this will be the 2nd one that they have experienced here since there was one back in 1976. It’s weird to think that this is really a once in a lifetime event experience for me. It’s exciting but at the same time I don’t want it to be over! Has anybody else ever had the chance to experience an eclipse?
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    Default Re: Eclipse Day

    Where I live was in the path. My co-workers all went outside to look at it. In all honestly, I wasn't interested in it so I didn't both to look.
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    Default Re: Eclipse Day

    I didn't watch it.
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