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Thread: Annoying Anime Characters

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    Question Annoying Anime Characters

    Back when I became a mod in 2020, I tried to make a poll about everyone's favourite anime characters but nobody replied so I'm going to reverse the question.

    So. Don't want to let hatred take over you and me, but sometimes raging is fun. Are there any anime characters who (almost) ruin your (favourite) shows? They can be from from good ol' Pokemon through Dragonball Z and One Piece to Code Geass and Jujutsu Kaisen. Of course you can also discuss how your attitude towards certain characters has changed when you grew up.

    I'll start.

    You prolly knew Sailor Moon is my old obsession, but I must stress I had difficulties with accepting the new characters brought on in Sailor Moon R. Yes, I'm talking about Chibiusa now. Her backstory is beautiful and everything, but she was the first anime girl with that annoying noise I encountered. I didn't entirely realize what was wrong with her back there, but when I finally thought I got another girlfriend to watch Sailor Moon with in 2022, my girlfriend pointed out how her relationship with Mamoru was just disgusting. Or perhaps it was just my girlfriend being stupid. Black Lady was cool anyway.

    Your turn.

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    Default Re: Annoying Anime Characters

    While there have been characters that I find annoying, I don't think any of them have ever come close to ruining the show for me.
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