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Thread: [RMT (D)]- DeW (No not Mountain Dew)

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    Default [RMT (D)]- DeW (No not Mountain Dew)

    My sister and I was board and she wanted to play some cards and I said sure lets play. So i built me a quick deck with some cards I had left over. Here it is.
    14-Grass Energys


    14-Water Energys


    4-Energy Removals
    2-Energy Search
    I dont like to use 3rd evolutions due to they take a lot of energys. This deck is about attacking fast and hard. Like since Staryu's Slap dose 20 damage with only 1 water energy.

    [EDIT] Oh yeah there all from the [Base Set] and the [Jungle] packs...

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    Default [RMT (D)]- DeW (No not Mountain Dew)

    Umm, its kinda hard to fix a deck that's made out of leftovers, cuz that means u prolly dont have the cards make a decent deck, let alone fix it.

    Well, all i have to say is try reducing the energy to only 18, and up the trainer count to 22. If its juz for fun, then there's really no point making it too competitive.
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    Default [RMT (D)]- DeW (No not Mountain Dew)

    well its just for fun and yeah its made from leftovers so i got tons of trainers extra i got all my decent cards (holos) in a binder

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    Default [RMT (D)]- DeW (No not Mountain Dew)

    If it's just for fun, then it doesn't really matter that much, but if you're in a real competition and you use that deck, you're going to have to pull out the decent ones. You'll want to limit it so you only have the energies that you NEED, don't leave ones that you don't need sitting around in your deck, because you'll have no use for them.

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