Curse OR Destiny?

Chapter 1

“I can’t believe you still play that damn game Alex!” Said Keith.

“Your 15 years old! It’s for little kids.” Keith argued.

“Shove it little man. I like the game. If you don’t, bug off.” Alex snapped.

“’Geez, man. Give it up. Get a real man’s game like Mortal Kombat.” John said.

“Or Soul Caliber,” said Steven. “That game is for kids.”

“You guys are pathetic. Steven you call yourself an Otaku, what kind of self-respecting otaku won’t give an anime game a chance?” Asked Alex.

“A game that sucks?” Asked Steven.

“Have you caught ‘em all?” Asked John mockingly.

“Yes, dumbass I have all 151.” Said Alex in an annoyed tone.”

“Then why still play it?” Asked Keith.

“’Cause I like it, Tiny.” Snapped Alex.

Upon hearing his hated nickname Keith attacked his friend in a rage, beating Alex with his fist.

“Knock it off you idiot!” Alex shouted.

Alex’s game boy fell to the floor and broke.

“You stupid, over active son of a….” Alex shouted.

A flash of light stopped Alex’s insult as a strange being appeared.

“I am Israfel, Angel of Judgement. I am tired of you humans making fun of those you don’t understand. You shall be taught a lesson.” Said the stranger.

“And remember, Gotta Catch ‘Em All” He said mockingly.

The being threw up its hands. A bright light filled the room, and Alex felt as if he was being sucked into a black hole.

When he woke up, Alex found himself in a strange place.

“Where are we?” He asked, noticing that his voice was unusually high.

Alex turned around. He saw his three friends, but there was a problem, they all looked ten years old!

“I have brought you here.” Said a voice.

The four boys looked up, and saw the Angel standing over them.

“Welcome to the world of Pokemon. If you look around your necks, you will each find a pendant. Each with four pieces, three yellow and one blue. These represent the keys for you to go home. You must complete the medallions to go home. The four remaining pieces reside with the Elite Four.” The Angel explained.

“Elite Four?” Asked Steven.

“Who are they?” He asked again.

“Elite Four?” Asked Alex in awe.

“But those are….”

“The greatest Pokemon trainers in this world. You must defeat them in order to get the rest of the pieces.” Said the Angel.

“How do we beat them?” Asked Keith.

“You must become Pokemon trainers and defeat the Elite.” Said the Angel.

“We need Pokemon and Pokedexes.” Said Alex.

“I will give you what you need. Each of you, I give a Pokedex.”

A pokedex suddenly appeared in their hands.

“Now for your pokemon. Alex, I give you the water Pokemon, Squirtle, Steven, I give you the rock Pokemon, Geodude, John, I give you the fire Pokemon, Charmander, Keith, I give you the grass Pokemon, Bulbasaur, and this shall be your home.”

As the poke balls appeared in their hands, a home appeared behind them. Backpacks appeared on their backs.

“You shall stay here when you are in the area. Now go, and defeat the Elite, then and only then can you go home.”

Then the Angel vanished.

Alex looked at his poke ball, securing it to his belt he turned to his friends.

“Well, let’s go. We have a long road ahead.” He said.

“We? What’s this ‘we’ crap?” Asked Keith.

“YOU’RE the one whose going, the rest of us are going to wait for you to get the pieces from the Elite.” He said.

“That could take years!” Exclaimed Alex.

“Then you’d better get going.” Said Steven.

“Then hand over your pokemon!” Demanded Alex.

“Hell no. Do it with your own pokemon!” John said.

“I need more than one!” Snapped Alex.

“You can have our empty poke balls,” said Steven as they handed him their empty poke balls.

“But, but, but….” Stammered Alex.

“Get your *** in gear.” Snapped Keith.

Keith and John turned and went into the house. Just Steven remained outside.

“You can’t do this to me.” Said Alex.

“You’re the Pokemon Master, Alex, you know more about this world than we do. Here take Geodude, he may be of some help.” Said Steven.

Alex looked at his poke ball, then at his friend.

“Thanks Steven, you guys take care, I’ll return someday.”

With that Alex threw his pack over his shoulders, secured Geodude to his belt, and walked away.