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    Default Random Assortment of Video Game Related Things

    If you like hockey even a little, I highly recommend NHL 2002. Newer hockey games are out now, so you can justifiably pick this game up cheap for the hilarious commentary alone. Here are a few examples, I'll add more as I think of them. The broadcasters are Jim Huson and Don Taylor.

    Jim: "(Insert goalie name) can handle slapshots like that any day! They say he stops them in his sleep!"
    Don: "He needs a better place to sleep."

    Don: "I don't need my Spidey-senses to tell me that hit had too much estrogen."
    Jim: "Don't you mean testosterone?"
    Don: "Meh, whatever."

    Don: "Hi folks, Jim asked me to do this welcome back segment on my own because he had to go look for another color guy. Hey, wait a minute..."

    Don: "Oh, he hit him like a hockey player! ...I guess that was kind of a bad analogy, huh?" (something like that)

    Don: "Never underestimate the power of glove."

    Don: "Oh, glove is in the air!"

    Don: "Oh, glove is a many-splendored thing!"

    Don: "Oh, he's gettin' a little showy with the glove!"

    Don: "The glove is so versatile, it catches, catches. Ok, maybe versatile wasn't the right word."

    Don: "He really didn't get that much bang for his puck."
    Jim: "Don, you've sunk to a new low."
    Don: "I have, haven't I?"

    Don: "So now they're in front. They're in an ideal position to cough up the lead. Let's see how long it takes 'em."

    Don: "Without his blocker, that would've been a really painful arm save."

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    Default Mario and Luigi info (upcoming GBA RPG)

    Check out GameSpot's impressions of the game.

    Sounds pretty cool! This part was funny:
    Like most every RPG, Mario and Luigi features a dramatic story of loss, revenge, and redemption. The game opens with the Mushroom Kingdom's perennial hostage, Princess Peach, being assaulted by an envoy from the neighboring Bean Bean kingdom. It seems that the evil witch Cackletta and her underling, Falful, have attacked the princess from out of the blue. The villains steal her voice, replacing it with, of all things, explosives. They then race back to their home turf as Peach's subjects scramble to protect their ruler. In the confusion, Toad races off to fetch Mario in a scene that shows the beloved video game icon in an entirely new light: partially nude. Toad's frenzied rush to find Mario sends him running to the shower, where the world-famous plumber is humming a happy tune. The resulting drama as Mario races out wearing only a towel is definitely a first for a Mario game. Following the unfortunate encounter, Mario heads out to the castle with his brother Luigi in tow. While this all seems fairly routine for a crisis in the Mushroom Kingdom, the story is turned on its head when Bowser, who has appeared for his regularly scheduled kidnapping of Princess Peach, refuses to nab her because of her explosive voice. In fact, Bowser eventually tags along on the adventure when it becomes obvious that he won't be able to enact a proper kidnapping until Peach is set right. The resulting adventure sends Mario and company on a quest to the neighboring Bean Bean kingdom.

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    Default GameCube development kits for UK universities

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    Default NHL 2002 = Best. Commentary. Ever.

    I have NHL 2002 as well. The commentary is alright for me, but the comedy wasn't evident to me as much until you posted this. Thanks.

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    Default NHL 2002 = Best. Commentary. Ever.

    The comedy is great and all, just like in NHL 2003... but too much of that and less actual play by play really hurt the game.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still a big EA fan. Started playing from 96 until now.

    I still haven't gotten a chance to pick up NHL 2004 yet... but I will today I hope. I heard there are still jokes, but it's really limited. Which sounds very promising.

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