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Thread: I can't connect :(

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    Default I can't connect :(

    I have been trying to connect to the GSbot using IRC, but it won't connect.

    Whenever I try, it says:
    *** Looking up IP for
    *** IP for is
    *** Opening Identd
    *** Unable to open connection

    Here is a screenshot of me not being able to connect:
    (Copy and paste or type the address into your browser's address bar, then hit Enter. Geocities doesn't let you link directly to the page.)

    I tried connecting to another site's Battle Bot (, but I had the same problem; I was unable to open a connection.

    Do any of you have any idea how I can connect? Is this connection different from other servers, so I wouldn't be able to connect?
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    Default I can't connect :(

    Open port 6667 on your firewall/linux box/router?

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