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    Default Sunny Day TM

    I know it's in the Safari Zone somewhere, but I've gone through it 3 times, and I'm not seeing it. Can anyone try to help me find it? Thanks, all!

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    Default Sunny Day TM

    Ok, in the first part of the Safari Zone, there are three different exits that you can take to get to different areas of the Safari Zone, one to the north, one to the west, and one to the east. Go to the east, and enter the next area of the Safari Zone. Now, continue going to the east, until you come to a raised area that has some stairs leading up it. Go up those stairs, and then go west for a couple of steps, until you come to another set of steps that you can go down. Go down these steps, and continue going west for a few steps, until you can go north again. Go north for a couple of steps, and then you will see some water, and a grassy peninsula. Walk onto the peninsula, and you will see a PokéBall, and inside it is TM 11, Sunny Day.
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