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Thread: The Fanfic Reviewer Organization?

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    Default The Fanfic Reviewer Organization?

    The old thread was closed, but Gavin said he was going to start a new one, didn't he? If he's not about to, I think somebody else should start one, since many people never got their fanfics reviewed...
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    Default Shhhh

    I PMed Gavin a few days after I came back about this, but I've been trying to keep things "under my hat" until I know what's what, and what his plans are. I didn't want to get anyones hopes up or anything.

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    Default The Fanfic Reviewer Organization?

    Well I'm not too fussed in waiting - next time around, there will be much more reveiwers so that we don't get as clogged up as last time.

    Personally, I don't mind MA never got revewied; I mean I prefer reader's feedback than some random member's first impression.

    Oh well, roll on if it does come back.

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    Default The Fanfic Reviewer Organization?

    Hi everyone!

    Darien sorry I haven't replied to your PM yet, I'll get to it soon... like Mist I've been swamped in schoolwork.

    Not to worry, everyone else! The organisation is on the way back and it will be bigger and better than ever - we're talking more reviewers with more experience, faster replies and even contests to keep people involved and get new reviewers every now and then. I'll keep you all posted - in this topic, if you like, about the preparations. At this stage, the new Organisation should be up and running by early next month.

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