Welcome to Other Pokemon Games (OPG). Apparently Admin. got really hammered at some point, and I was selected to mod. So I'll be your host until the hangovers are gone.

1. Basic TPM rules apply. This includes spamming, flaming, trolling, etc. I'll warn first-time offenders, so you know what's not the right thing to do.

2. This forum is for the following games: Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Channel, Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon Puzzle League, and Pokemon Colosseum. Not to mention all those little things like the Pokemon Mini, Pocket Pikachu and various other things, including Pokemon Monopoly.

3. Use your head. I don't care what your opinion is, but I do care how you back it up. Empty opinions, unless particularly witty, are frowned upon.

4. We have several other forums dedicated to past generation of Pokemon games. Fire, Leaf, Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue and the rest have their own forums for discussion. This also isn't the place for other video games. We have forum specially dedicated to non-pokemon video games, so feel free to check that out.

5. No discussion about the whereabouts of ROMs. I'm not going to get all Nazi if you say you have a ROM (Hell, I know I do), but do not post threads asking where to get them or if they are available. And, of course, do not tell people where to get them. This includes patches, emulators, etc.

That should be it. Nothing overly complicated. If you have any problems, PM me. If I am not getting you what you want, or I am being unresponsive, contact the Supermods (listed under Forum Leaders) or the Admin: Little_Pikachu, Chris, and/or Pokemaster Kevin.