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    Say, since I just signed up today, I was looking through archives and something came to mind.

    How far back are we allowed to reply to stuff? I see a lot of duplicate topics (especially regarding Ash's father, for some reason)...

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    Generally anything that's well past active, its best to let sleeping dogs lie, but if its in a non active forum, go for it, and if you generally have new info, its good if you post it too.

    I guess we just ask you use your own common sense...

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    Yeah, see, everyone has a different definition of 'well past active', so...

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    Well obviosuly not months and months and months old. Really you should be able to decide if it is a good idea to post in a certain old topic yourself.
    I am sure someone would tell you if you are in the 'wrong'.


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    Use your initiative. As for active forums like Misc and PCG:

    If a topic is regarding something that happened a long time ago, don't post in it after about 2 weeks of inactivity (i.e. peoples birthday topics, leaving/ returning topics, people talking about events in their day topics(Unless you have a very relevant discussion to make about it and not to just say "That's cool")).

    If a discussion topic or poll hasn't been posted in for about 2 months and you want to discuss it, feel free to create your own instead than bumping one up and having people double post answers and everyone getting confused. 2 months is the suggested cut off point for debates and the likes.

    In the less active forums like RBY, GSC or OPB where there are mabye only a few new posts a week then bumping old topics isn't really a problem, but don't go stupid with it.

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    Default Reply question

    Heh, could have PMed me.

    Well anyway, bumping old topics isn't usually accepted in TPM, but yeah AD's been less active lately =/. However, isn't there a topic about Ash's dad and such on the first page? So... you can participate in that discussion if you want. It's possible that some of the discussions you see in the archive are of people who don't come much anymore, like Mew2Too or Hanada. But if you wanna link to a topic in that archive in the RECENT thread to show a reference to a point someone makes or whatever, that would be perfectly fine. It just wouldn't seem like there's much of a point if we have one right now... heh, a while ago there were FIVE topics on the first page about Ash's father, that was annoying.

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