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    Jack Manners - Male, Jack likes to do things his way and any authority is a threat to his survival. He is very loyal to his sister and his friends. He is someone you can always count on when he commits to something. He is playful and has a great sense of humor. He is a born leader though hates to take on that role. He doesn’t like to workout, eats junk food, and doesn’t like to study. Jack's mutant power is special and odd, the power is dangeruos, hazarduos chemicals. Thus, he hates his powers sence he is alwas so healthy. His mutant codename is Flourine, named of the most poisionous element on the Pereodic Table.

    Schuyler "Sky" Blake - Male, he is passionate and has lived his entire life to fulfill his dream to become a fighting martial arts master. He is neat, orderly and precise. His body is his temple and he maintains the outside as well as the inside. He eats nothing but healthy food and is always ready to explain the benefits of a healthy life to anyone who will or will not listen. He foregoes relationships and fun to hone his skills for his mutant duties. He doesn’t have many friends because of his strict code of living. He needs to lighten up… and his only sense of humour seeps out when he is doing battle. Sky's mutant power fits him vegetrain needs, growing ivy anywhere he wants. His mutant codename is Ivy.

    Bridge Carson - Male, being a mutant gives Bridge the freedom to express himself. It may seem on the outside that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed... But in actuality he is a genius. He has MacGyver like abilities and if you give him a paper clip, a rubber band and some gum, he can build you almost anything. He is irreverent, off the wall, gullible and humorous. Though the X-Men are all different and form alliances within their own rank… Everyone likes Bridge. He will often rush into anything, even battle, before thinking. Bridge's mutant power is very usful in some cases, metal and titantium. He can transform his body into a strong metal armor and can also turn anything he wants itno chrome. His mutant codename is Irony.

    Sydney "Syd" Cole - Female, She was an Olympian at 15. A beauty pageant winner at 16. An international cover girl at 17 and had a Billboard top ten CD at 18… Being a mutant is the only thing she has undertaken that she has not mastered or been able to buy - a source of great contention with Syd. She doesn’t like getting dirty or sweating. She is impeccable in dress and manner and is willing to take the time to make the most impact with her appearance. She wants everyone to get along but is pressed to the limits when her antithesis, Z, begins to room with her. She is always full of energy and good cheer. Syd's mutant power a rose? Yep, that's right, a rose. He can create a thorn whip, rose petals, anything to help her fight, even if she doesn't want to. Her mutant name is Rosalita, odd but true.

    Elizabeth "Z" Manners - Female and a good gymnast. She’s feisty, outspoken and does not put up with anyone telling her how to live her life. She dresses to her own drummer…constantly listens to music on her headphones. She has amazing gymnastic-type abilities and is as quick as a rabbit. She wears all her emotions on her sleeve, if she hasn’t torn it off for “her look”. Everyone is attracted and repelled by her way of being. She is also incredibly loyal to her word and friends. Z's mutant ability is her eprsonality, sound. She can change the volume of her voice or anyone elses. When the guys are being mean to her, she just turns the T.V. volume down to mute. Her mutant name is Cosmo.

    Mure mutants are coming. This is just a small overveiw of the characters with, like I said more to come. Now, let's see the first few episodes titles of season 1.

    1. Breakin' the Sound Barrier
    2. The Magtram Effect
    3. Battle of the Sexes
    4. Inferno Flame
    5. Cyber Effect, Part 1
    6. Cyber Effect, Part 2
    7. Cyber Effect, Part 3
    8. Cyber Effect, Part 4

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    Default X-Men United

    I think you're in the wrong place, yo.

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