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Pokemon Centers In Japan Giving Away Pokemon with Mega Stones Pokemon Centers Japan Mega Pokemon Events

The Pokemon Company released a video on their Japanese Youtube channel today going over some summer events they will be having at Pokemon Centers all over Japan. Starting May 10 through June 22 they will be holding Battle Tournaments and as a gift they will be giving away Pokemon with their Mega Stones attached. There will be 6 Pokemon with Mega Evolution given away, so check out the list below to see when each one will be released. Continue reading

Coro Coro Magazine Reveals More Pokemon X and Y Mega Evolutions More Mega Evolutions

The November issue of Coro Coro magazine has been leaked and scans have been showing up on the web. In this issue we get to see 4 Mega Evolutions and official artwork of the Final Starter Evolutions. Not only that, Coro Coro will be giving away a special Garchomp serial code (it holds a Dragon Fang and knows Crunch, Dragon Claw, Dig and Draco Meteor) in their December issue along with revealing how to obtain the Mega Stone needed to Mega Evolve Garchomp.

Like the Final Starter Evolutions in our last post, there are spoilers ahead so be forewarned!

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