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Thread: Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn

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    Default Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn


    These are actually just some recent-er pics. The first are just random, I was in a canine mood, and I wanted to see if I could accomplish their colors right since I don't have a black or an orange colored pencil. Pencils. Something. The other one is my SUPER awesome timid Charmander in my firered game who is female. FEMALE. WITH TIMID NATURE. THAT IS SO RARE AND KICK'N RAD!

    Expect more...

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    Default Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn

    Darn, I wanted some hentai.

    Dogz - They're so shiney. Especially the mightyena, the highlights on the fur give it a real silver effect. And nice mixture of warm colors on the Vulpix's tail.

    Timid One - Don't fall in or you'll DROWN and DIE, Charmander! haha, Not. It's really cute and creative how you illustrated a Pokemon's nature. I don't think I've seen people take their Poke's stats from the game and turn it into an artistic creation before.

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    Default Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn

    you know better than that

    nice job with the art

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    Default Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn

    These a re really nice. Very simple pics, but they still have a lot of character to them, and nicely drawn to boot! The Charmander's pose is adorable! *huggles* *get's burned* *coughs* (Gaak, thank god for Flash Fire. ^^;

    I love your shading, it's a great inspiration to me.
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    Default Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn


    That Vulpix is sooooo firey....


    And the charmander rocks my world! But i love Vulpix! Oh you are my hero!

    *cries again*


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    Default Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn

    oooh... perdy... *no further comments*

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    Default Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn

    yah i really like the Charmander... I will proly be posting some art up here sooner or later... so erm yah look oput for it

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    Default Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn

    wow thats awsome i really like the following vulpix oh whatever i love them all!

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    Default Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn

    Hope you don't mind Sooper, but I deleted one of your posts because it was spammy. In the future (this refers to everybody), edit your post if you have something more to add and try and put more substance in comments. I'm not as gung ho about post quality as some other mods, but effort is appreciated. Thanks for the comments anyhow ^^

    Anyway, this is the real version of my avatar, a gazelle-type dude I named Prometheus. I'm rather proud of this one, it's been FOREVER since I've done a decent picture with a nice background.

    The second pic was a birthday present for Pants Master. She's an albino Hitmonarch/Ryular named Dokuro (the subject, not Pants). The background was found on a site and I messed with the contast and stuff to dillute the colors. Don't worry, I gave credit to the dude.

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    Default Stupin's!

    Lol! That title had me from looking at this topic for a week! I wasn't willing to take the chance that it was what promised

    Dang, that stuff is great looking. That Dokuro just looks plain awesome. I am utterly struck with awe! Awe is oozing out of my head's orifices! ... no, wait, that's blood. Still, awesome stuff! Its nice to see traditional and original art is not dead
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    Default Yiffy hentai furry yaoi porn

    hmm, a few more new ppl around, huh...

    hehe, dokuro= alien meets pokemon *lol*
    Hey, you dont have any shadows

    As cute as those others are, I like the deer/ibex/thingee. Its purty...
    Nice colouring and shading as always

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