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Thread: Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    So, in your opinion, what is your top 10 of all the episodes of Pokemon? I decided to put this in spoilers because someone's favorite could be a Houen episode.Anyways, here is my Top 10! Make sure you explain why its your fav.

    10: Pokemon! I Choose You! - I like this one becasue it introduces us to the world of Pokemon, its a classic

    9: Ash Catches a Pokemon - Ash's 1st Captures! You gotta love this one!

    8: Pokemon Emergency - Another classic, cant say anything else

    7: Pallet Party Panic - Pidgeot, one of my favorite pokemon of Ash's leaves in this episode. Very sad episode but i like it.

    6: Gotta Catch Ya Later - Misty leaves!! Very sad!! Great episdoe overall.

    5: The Perfect Match - the 1st official battle between Ash and Misty, and its a good one

    4: Volcanic Panic - Awesome battle between Charizard and Magmar. This is my favorite gym battle of all!

    3: ByeBye Butterfree - Butterfree, my 2nd favorite Pokemon of Ashs. Its always sad to see a Pokemon go, and this was one of them

    2: Charizard's Burning Ambitions - this is the saddest one of all!!! Charizard. my favorite Pokemon of Ash's (Cloyster is my fav overall hehe) The ending was so shocking! I had tears in my eyes and i'm a guy!

    1: Hello Pumello/Enter the Dragonite - The best battle i have ever seen. Great animation, strategy. I loved this! I would watch this everyday and not get sick of it!

    So what are your top 10?

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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    10) The Perfect Match
    - Come on, you can't tell me you weren't looking forward to a Misty vs Ash for a long time.

    9) Sick Daze
    - I quite enjoyed this episode. I really did.

    8) Ignorance is Blissey
    - Awww, it was touching... ;_;

    7) Pallette Party Panic
    - Awww buh bye birdy!

    5) Enter the Dragonite / Hello Pummello
    - It was good, I'll give it that

    4) The Ultimate Test
    - You can't tell me you didn't like this epi.

    3) The St Anne Saga
    - Heh, this was cool.

    2) Viva Las Lapras
    - Poor lappy ;_;

    1) Princess vs Princess.
    - Best. Episode. Ever. Background on Misty and Jessie. Lickitung. Tournament. Classic.

    Special Mentions -

    Its Mr Mimey Time - Heh. Cool Epi.

    Showdown in Dark City - Also cool.

    The Wayward Wobbuffet - Heh.

    UnBEARable - I enjoyed this. I really did.

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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    Wow, only ten? I can't choose!! ;_;

    10. The Breeding Center Secret- I love this episode. First time Victreebell eats James, we get to see Butch and Cassidy, and Misty saves 'em all! ^^

    9. Ignorance Is Blissey- Seeing another side to Jessie, and also getting to see a close relationship between pokemon and human that doesn't deal with battling.

    8. In the Pink!- This episode was just fun for me to watch. TR doing their "Pinkyland" song was too funny, and seeing Togepi perform Metronome was cool.

    7. Go West Young Meowth!- I love Meowth's backstory, and I love this episode, and anyone who says otherwise is stupid!! (Okay... sorry, whoever you are, you're not stupid...) Meowth learning how to talk, and singing, all to get a girl that thinks he's a freak. So touching. And it was also touching to see TR rescue Meowth.

    6. The Little Big Horn- Not many good Brock-centered episodes come around. It showed that Brock truly does deserve to be a Pokemon Breeder.

    5. For Crying Out Loud!- I know many people find this episode boring and annoying, but I think it showed some major character development for Misty. She had to learn that her harsh words didn't help, and had to change in order for Marill to trust her. Plus it was cute to see Ash hold Togepi. ^^

    4. Holy Matrimony!- Okay, yeah, James' family and Jessebelle. Scary people! XD Meowth and Jessie are hilarious in that episode, and Growlie is just cool. And it was nice to see James with a pokemon that was both tough, and that obeyed him.

    3. Pokemon, I Choose You!- The emotionalism in this episode, Pikachu learning to care for Ash, and Ash being a really stupid trainer, are all great ingredients for an episode. And the first time you get ta' see Houou (I think it's Japanese name is so much prettier).

    2. Gotta Catch Ya' Later!- I had to hold back tears on this one. Misty leaving because of her stupid-a** sisters!! Ergh... Anyway, the emotions run high in this episode, and that's why I like it. Ash and Brock showing up to help Misty battle was too sweet, and Ash saying that they were meant to meet was so cute. A great episode.

    1. The Ghost of Madien's Peak- Okay, this has to be my favorite pokemon episode of all-time. Brock and James hugging each other was... intresting... but funny! It had a mysticism about it that most episodes do not, and seeing Jessie blast away a ghost was cool! Ash and Misty dancing in kimonos, Brock's undying devotion, and James freaking out are all reasons I love this episode. It's a nice fun episode that isn't full of emotion, and isn't full of cheezy puns or boring dialogue. It's my fav.

    Other ones I like are:

    Pikachu Re-Volts
    Tracey Gets Bugged
    Shell Shock!
    Misty Meets Her Match
    Here Comes the Squirtle Squad
    Battle Aboard the St. Anne (and the two following it)
    The Tower of Terror
    Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
    The Ultimate Test
    THe Perfect Match

    Okay, there are others, but I'd better stop there...

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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    10. Ignorince is Blissy (until Ash came and ruined it) It showed good friendship with Jessie and Blissy and we also knpow that Jessie wanted to be a nurse.

    9. Meowth rules! Meowth learned that friendship was better than leadership.

    8. Go west, young Meowth! We all learn about Meowth's past life.

    7. Dues and Don'ts Team Rocket find out they are no longer part of team rocket! but luckily, they get back.

    6. Princess Vs. Princess Lickitung gets part of the team and Jessie wins at the end.

    5. the Purr-fect hero Meowth gets looked up by little kids. And Jessie and James tell meowth to come up with the next plan

    4. Wobbu-Palooza! Team Rocket save a town full of Wobbuffets! Then they steal food and Jenny makes excuses so Ash can attack them directly

    3. the Wayward wobbuffet It proves that Wobbuffet loves Jessie and mabey.....Jessie also likes Wobbuffet

    2. A Poached Ego! Jessie James and Meowth risk their lifes to save a group of Ekans and Koffing

    1. Holy Matromony! Rocketshippiness, James' past life Rocketshippiness, What more could a Tr fan want?!

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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    Originally posted by Rocketboy
    1. Holy Matromony! Rocketshippiness, James' past life Rocketshippiness, What more could a Tr fan want?!
    Hoso 10.
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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    These may be a little jumbled up, but it's difficult for me to make a top 10 list.

    10. Tracey Gets Bugged -- I get to see a whole bunch of my favorite bug-type Pokemon! Yay Scyther! Plus you get to see how scary Jessie can get when someone messes with her hair. You know you're scary when you scare a whole swarm of Scyther!

    9. Wired for Battle -- Featuring my second favorite bug-type Pokemon (Scizor) fighting my favorite fighting-type Pokemon (Heracross). One of my fave non-Gym battles!

    8. Battle of the Badge -- Go Mewtwo, go Mewtwo, beat Gary, beat Gary...

    7. Pokemon! I Choose You! -- First episode and one of the funniest! Getting to see how little Ash knows about the world of Pokemon. It was funny to see him try to catch a Pidgey without using a Pokemon to weaken it first.

    6. The Fourth Round Rumble -- My favorite Indigo Plateau eppie! Bulbasaur was great in that episode and I got to see Muk battle for the first time.

    5. For Ho-oh the Bells Toll -- Whoo! Suicune! Not to mention seeing Eusine for the first time, not to mention seeing Morty again.

    4. Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden -- Bulbasaur uses Solar Beam for the first time + all three stages of Bulbasaur's evolution = cool eppie.

    3. Espeon Not Included -- All Eeveelutions! Yay!

    2. Electric Shock Showdown -- My favorite Kanto Gym match. Seeing my favorite electric-type Pokemon (Raichu) in action for the first time. Plus seeing how much Pikachu wanted to prove how tough we was cool, too.

    1. The Island of Giant Pokemon (is that the name of it?) -- Pokemon language translation. 'Nuff said.
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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    This is a very tough list to do, but here goes:

    10: Pokemon---I Choose You!
    A great way to start off the Pokemon series. This introduced us to several characters we would see later on (Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Mrs. Ketchum, Professor Oak, Gary and Gary's cheerleaders) and I loved how Ash kept trying to catch Pidgey and Rattata.

    09: Volcanic Panic
    This episode had one of the best gym battles of the entire series. It was also the first time Charizard listened to Ash, but then it went back to its old ways. We also got to see Seismic Toss for the first time, even though it was called Aerial Submission Attack.

    08: Pikachu Re-Volts
    I've always liked this episode for some reason. Maybe it was the return of Butch and Cassidy, maybe it was because Pikachu and Togepi ran away from Ash and Misty, or maybe because it was the first time in a very long time Jessie used Lickitung in battle.

    07: A Way Off Day Off
    A lot of people don't like this episode, but I do. I love episodes where all of the group's Pokemon come out, and this episode was probably the best. I liked the rivalry between Charizard and Scyther, and I liked how Tracey mentioned Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

    06: Charizard's Burning Ambitions
    I will admit this episode was pretty sad, but I really liked it. It showed that Ash really does care about his Pokemon and wants them to become stronger. Of course, this wasn't the last time we would see Charizard. He would appear three more times (in Pokemon 3, in Great Bowls of Fire, and in The Ties that Bind)

    05: Goin' Apricorn!
    I don't know why, but I just love watching this episode. It's such a fun episode, in my opinion. Ash, Misty and Brock all got special PokeBalls, and they would all use one of theirs (Ash used Lure Ball on Totodile, Misty used Lure Ball on Corsola, Brock used Fast Ball on Pineco). It was also cool seeing how Kurt made the PokeBalls.

    04: Tricks of the Trade
    Yet another fun episode. I love seeing this episode, because we don't see trading happen a lot in the anime. Also, we got to see several Pokemon we haven't seen in a while in this episode (Machoke and Exeggutor are in the background)

    03: Gotta Catch Ya Later!
    This episode was probably the most well-written Johto episode. It showed Misty's true feelings for Ash, and it showed that Ash (sort of) cares about Misty. It was also cool to see Ho-Oh again.

    02: Hello, Pummelo!/Enter the Dragonite
    This used to be my favorite Pokemon episode for the longest time. It had the best battling of any Pokemon episode, and it was Ash's first six-on-six battle. Ash proved himself to be a very strong Pokemon trainer in this episode.

    01: The Ties that Bind/Can't Beat the Heat
    A lot of people may disagree with me on this, but I really liked these two episodes. This was the moment every Pokemon fan had awaited since the first episode: Ash and Gary's battle. The battle between Blastoise and Charizard was one of the greatest in Pokemon History.

    That's all of them. If I think of any others, I'll post them.

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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    Oooh, difficult choice.....

    10) Nerves of Steelix
    --I loved this, the battle was just really good! Intense fighting, and a cool Steelix/Magnemite team from Jas!

    09) Misty Meets Her Match
    --The Match here was also great, and it was good seeing Squirtle learn Hydro Pump. I also liked Rudy's choices of Pokemon.

    08) The Wayward Wobbuffet
    --Everybody loves this episode. It's generally hillarious! be funny...even the blackest coal shines brightly...

    07) Current Events!
    --Being a Chika fan, I loved a non-Pika episode with Chikorita helping Ash out! It was really cool, and got emotional towards Chikorita's evolution.

    06) The Perfect Match
    --I enjoyed the battle, it was pretty big and ferocious. Seeing Kingler is always a plus.

    05)Duelling Heroes
    -- The guy against Ash shares my name ^^, and Kingdra was awesome. That guy and Qwilfish were awesome, too, and seeing Corsola work its magic in battle was also great.

    04) Love, Pokemon Style
    --The new digital animation is superb, it looks so gorgeus! Macey was funny, her dub name is actually better than her original, IMHO, and I thougth her battle was neat. All her Pokemon rock!

    03) Volcanic Panic
    --Ash's 7th Gym battle, and an awesome one at that.

    02) The Kecleon Caper
    --Meh, my favourite Pokemon was in it...*shrugs*

    01) Here's Lookin at you, Elekid!
    --AWESOME! Firstly, 2 of my faves, Elekid and Meganium, combined in one awesomely animated episode. Casey is a favourite of mine *gets out shield* and I liked the whole Victreebel sub-plot. Poor James ;_;

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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    Mmm. Indeed it is rather difficult to pick just ten...

    10. "Address Unown" - I like the use of CGing, plus I loved the idea of going inside Larvitar's mind and finding out why it acted the way it did.

    09. "Pokémon Scent-sation" - Nice battle scenes. Well, that and I find Ash's crossdressing moment classic.

    08. "Holiday Hi-Jynx!" - I've always loved Christmas specials for one reason or another, and this one is included. Perhaps it's just because of the Christmas-y feeling I get when I watch it. ^_^

    07. "Pikachu Re-VOLTS" - What can I say? The best of Team Rocket plans (both Cassidy and Butch's plan to control Pokémon and Jessie and James' plan -- well, okay, everyone's plan -- to break into Cassidy and Butch's hideout) are put into motion here. And it's oddly refreshing to see Pikachu going against Ash.

    06. "Princess vs. Princess" - Yes, we get to see a bit of Jessie and Misty's backgrounds, plus there's a ton of funny moments involved in the episode (quoth James: "I'm not tough enough to be a woman!"), followed by decent battle scenes. And we really need Princess Festival Day/Girls' Day here, no? XD

    05. "Holy Matrimony!" - James is one of my favorite characters, and seeing a lot of him (and finding out about his past) is a big plus for this episode. That and I like Growlithe.

    04. "Ignorance is Blissey" - I'm a sucker for touching moments. ^_^;

    tied with...

    "The Ultimate Test" - Interesting battle scenes, coupled with a rather interesting test and the nice emphasis that Ash isn't perfect. (I don't mind the boy; I just like it when some writer comes along and says he isn't god.)

    03. "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak" - First off, this was the first episode I ever saw, so it will always give me this lovely feeling of nostalgia. Secondly, it had a great storyline (at least, in my opinion), suspense, humor, and a touch of Japanese culture (which is always a plus in my book).

    02. "Bound for Trouble" - Maybe it's just me, but I really liked all the Meowth and Pikachu moments. Especially the one where Meowth talks about if Pikachu had been a member of Team Rocket all along, then the two could have been friends... before of course, he finds out that Pikachu fell asleep in his lap. (Definately adorable, but not the only scene that's like that, of course. ^_^)

    01. "Electric Shock Showdown" - In my opinion, this is the best Gym episode in the series. Or one of them. Either way, it has Raichu, and that makes me happy.

    Honorable mentions

    "The Tower of Terror"
    "Go West, Young Meowth"
    "Houndoom's Special Delivery"
    "Pokémon, I Choose You!" (If I didn't see this one so many times, it would have made my top ten. =/)

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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    ITs kinda difficult to choose just ten.

    10. Pallet Party Panic: Pidgeot leaves, final episode in Indigo.

    9. Hello Pummelo/whole batte with Drake: first 6 on 5; great battle!

    8. Showdon at PEwter City: battle with Brock, first gym, gr8 episode.

    7. Pokemon, I choose you! : the first episode, a classic.

    6. 6 on 6 battle with Gary: great battle, CHarizard rocks!

    5. Love, Pokemon Style!: Actually a game-like battle.

    4. Tie one on: Bulbasaur and Meganium rocks! awesome graphics and battle.

    3. Hoenn Alone!: Last episode in Johto, Rattata almost had a episode of his own! Pikachu, the peace-maker. Ash in new clothes, and a few new pokes.

    2. Gotta catch ya later!: AMAL shipping! misty AND brock leaves....

    1. You're a star, Larvitar: a great battle, animation, and a huge return of pokemon before AG> It was funny when LArvitar kept biting the tires...and we got to tsee Quilava for the first time, ASh was worried about the SIlver COnference, and MAgby evolved. Several other reason....
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    Default Top 10 Episodes of All Time (No Banned Ones)

    How can we pick 10 out of almost 300?! Well, I'll try...

    10. Riddle Me This / Volcanic Panic I really liked the two-parter on Cinnabar. The first one had some really neat riddles and the discover of a secret gym while the second had an awesome battle, Charizard VS Magmar.

    9. A Ghost Of A Chance / From Ghost To Ghost This was a really cool spooky episode. ^_^ It told the legend of Ho-Oh (well, a bit anyway) and Ash finally knows what he saw so long ago. And then the battles were awesome. I loved Nightshade and Shadow Ball.

    8. Ash Catches A Pokemon A classic. Two captures and a bit of character development between Ash and Misty. ^_^

    7. Nerves Of Steelix A very awesome gym battle. Watching Cyndaquil own Steelix is so cool.

    6. As Cold As Pryce I think that's the right title... well, once again, it's because Cyndaquil owned.

    5. Pop Goes The Sneasel Harrisson is a very cool character, his Houndoom was awesome, the legend was awesome and I really like the idea of the bad guy being a wild pokemon. However, Team Rocket sucked in this ep... Abandoning poor Meowth for that dumb thing...

    4. Tie One On! Great battle. The Shiny Magneton was really cool and they finally got Thunder Wave right.

    3. The Ties That Bind A bit revealed from Ash and Gary's past. Both of their character's shined in this ep.

    2. For Ho-Oh The Bell Tolls Another Ho-Oh legend and the appearance of Suicune!

    1. Gotta Catch Ya Later The most touching eppie ever... Very well written, very well animated... It was great. ^_^

    Okay, so it's not in perfect order but oh well. ^_^;;

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