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Thread: General Rules of TCG

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    Default General Rules of TCG

    1. Rules for outside linking are as stated below.

    Outside Linking
    Linking is allowed under these circumstances:
    • Linking directly to a content related to the topic
    • Linking to a content and creating a discussion from it
    • Hotlinking images with proper permission from the owner

    Linking is NOT allowed under these circumstances:
    • Linking to a website without content related to the topic
    • Linking to a website for advertising
    • Linking to a website and expect the readers to search for the content themselves
    • Hotlinking images without the permission from the owner

    Failure to do so will result in a caution/warning and the link removed.

    2. Disagreements with a moderator's decisions should be discussed through PM or email, or other methods. As far as possible, do not spam up a thread by questioning a moderator's decision.

    3. No flaming, bashing, spamming or other generally improper behavior is tolerated in this forum. Especially no bashing of other games.

    4. No bumping/necroing dead topics. Also no bumping of topics to get people to respond. Doing so will result in a severe warning.

    5. Topics for any type of non-digital game is allowed. No topics irrelevant to games are allowed. Please post topics in their correct respective forums.

    6. Discussion of a different game in a topic will be allowed so long as the said post is related to the topic at hand.

    7. Regarding card games, fixing of decks is totally permissible; however, do not ask for a deck to be created for you.

    8. Private discussion are not to take place in any topics. Please use other means to do so.

    9. For General Rules that apply to the whole board (not just this forum), click here.

    Mods feel free to add/edit rules.
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