Another WoD Short story that I'm spliting into parts to concentrate on the Mage, Vampire, and Werewolf characters. Comments appreciated as always.

“Seriously, I don’t know how you manage to drag me into these things.”

The man stared down the alley as he leaned against the side of a building. His button up shirt was tucked into his jeans, neatly pressed and creased. Small thin-rimmed glasses rested on his nose, showing off more of his piercing gaze. His hair was combed into two large separate bangs that dropped on either side of his face, the rest of his hair split down the middle and neatly combed. The blue jeans he wore held close to his legs and held up by the leather belt he had wrapped around his waist.

Trash cans and garbage scents filled his nose to the point of near nausea. If it was annoying his nose, he was sure his furry friend was near pain.

Standing in the shadows, was a canine-like creature. Right now, it was hiding, the only feature noticeable were its animalistic golden eyes. The eyes stared back at the man leaning against the building, before darting back to the busy street several yards in the other direction.

“Don’t give me that,” he said to the canine, annoyance in his voice. “How many times have I been dragged into one of your kind’s little turf-wars?”

The canine stared at him, no sound coming from it.

“No, it was more than that and you know it. Who the hell are we meeting here anyway?”

A shift of the canine’s shoulders and the head tilted towards the sky and the full moon shining down on them both.

“What?!” he said standing straight and glaring at the shadowed canine. “No. No no no! I will not work with that undead bitch again.”

The eyes shifted in his direction, and then looked at the street.

“Hey! I do not need to get laid, and especially not by that succubi! Just remember you’re the one who lost your virginity to her.”

“Why Kaine, how sweet of you to remember,” said a feminine voice above the two.

Kaine, the human spun around and looked up. On top of the four-story building that he had leaned on earlier, someone stood on the edge. Her form was silhouetted by the moonlight reflecting off of her outfit. Then she fell. Flying through the air her arms stretched apart, she flipped halfway towards the ground. Her flip allowed her feet below her as she hit the ground.

The landing was soft, silent, only a gust of wind from her sudden deceleration the only thing giving away the stunt she had just tried to pull. Her feet were spread apart, dispersing her weight from breaking her kneecaps, and one of her hands touched the concrete she had landed on. Slowly she stood, every bit of her movements showing off her voluptuous form. Opening her mouth in an silent moan, she showed off two enlarged canines and her tongue as it licked her red lips.

She was beautiful, making even women turn and notice her presence. Her body itself was long and thin, her legs the longest part of her body, nicely complementing her torso. Long curly red hair dropped past her shoulders, stopping near her waist. Black leather pants hugged her legs and hips tightly, showing off every curve. An armless leather top with a single zipper for taking it off was undone halfway down, showing the cleavage of her relatively sized breasts. Fingerless gloves trailed up to her elbows, fabric she had specially made for her tastes. On one belt was a gun holster on her right side, the six-shooter’s handle and pull-trigger recognizable. A looser belt, hanging off of her hips rested another six-shooter on the left. It would be a strange way to wear a pair of guns, but however she managed it.

Her eyes were sultry as she looked at the man, brushing a set of bangs out of her face. “So now Kaine,” she purred. “If you want to spend some time with me, I’ll gladly let you. For free of course.” She smiled a toothy smile that showed off her fangs.

“You just try and suck my blood and you’ll be looking at the wrong end of a fireball Danielle.” Kaine glared at her. He spun his head towards the canine standing in the shadows. “Why did you get her involved? Why couldn’t you have just gotten the Dragon, or the Golem, or the Fae… I can put up with them.”

“If I understand right, Theo, Kyle, and Cerine have their own little… problems to deal with. Am I right, Vincent?” She directed the question towards the canine in the shadows, and the canine stepped forward from the shadows.

It wasn’t a dog, but it was a canine. A wolf, standing near three feet at its shoulder, the golden eyes watching both Kaine and Danielle with interest and understanding. The most striking feature of this wolf, was that its coat was pure white, and gently reflected the moonlight. Most wolves’ fur was matted and stained with dirt and wildlife, but this one’s fur wasn’t like that. It was almost unnaturally white and brilliant all over its body.

Then the wolf started to shift and change shape. Its snout shortened becoming more like a human face. The body also twisted and conformed as tendon snapped, and sinew ripped. Muscles twisted and contorted, causing a strange feeling similar to its entire body falling asleep with the little needles piercing every cell in its being. A sound similar to bone cracking and rubbing almost echoed in the alley, but was drowned out by the sound of traffic at the street.

Now standing where the wolf had been, was a man. He reached inside his tan trench coat and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Extracting a metal lighter from the box he struck it and lit his first cigarette of the night. His green eyes closed in joy as he inhaled the toxic fumes that would do nothing to his body thanks to his high metabolism and regeneration. Long black bangs covered most of his face, barely allowing anyone to see his eyes. The length of the hair also extended backwards where a long ponytail ended around his mid-back. The shirt that he wore under the trench coat was a light blue color, and was tucked into his black jeans. Black hiking boots covered his feet and added an extra inch to his already impressive six-foot-four height. A golden bracelet jingled as he lit his cigarette in the night air, a large gold plate had five key designs carved into it, each looking like runes or a type of claw mark. The necklace that hung around his neck was illuminated briefly by the striking of the lighter, and showed a wolf, howling into the night sky with feathers and beads on either side of the pendant.

After his first inhalation, Vincent Nelson looked at his two comrades.

“For starters Kaine,” he said, letting a cloud of smoke escape from his mouth and hang on the air. “This little jaunt of ours tonight involves her kind as much as yours and mine.”

“Well go on, this whole secretive bull-shit habit of yours annoys the hell outta me.” Kaine said, crossing his arms and leaning against the building again. “And the sooner I get away from the undead bitch, the better off I’ll be.”

Vincent inhaled another drag of his cigarette. “Fine. Over the last few weeks I’ve been sent by the police to investigate a strange set of murders that have been happening in the warehouse district. Now, these murders seem to have the patterns of vampiric activity,” he looked at Danielle, and waited for a comment. When there was none, he continued. “However, these people weren’t only drained of blood, but every possible fluid that should be in their body. They were dried human husks.”

“The Prince of the city already ordered that every vampire report to the Sheriff about their whereabouts that night, however all of our herds were alive and alibis were air-tight.” Danielle continued. “We’ve tried to find out who or what could be doing this, however we seem to be the first to find them before the human police do. And no Kindred that I know of is capable of draining every fluid from their.. ahem, blood bank.”

“You asked me to check out the sites, just in case the police missed something. The spirits in the area are uncooperative and pains in the asses.” Kaine added.

“I know… I tried too. However, a hunch I had actually told me what we’re dealing with. Weeks before the bodies started showing up I did a search on missing pets in or around the warehouse area. There were 23 cases of missing pets.” Vincent stated.

“So,” Kaine asked. “What are we dealing with, wolf-boy?”

Vincent dropped his cigarette on the ground and rubbed it out with his foot. “Chupacabras.”

“Cupi-thingies?” Danielle replied, raising an eyebrow.

“You’ve been hanging out with Red too much…” Kaine stated. “So you know what they are. Do you know where they are?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then why haven’t you killed them all and got it over with?”

“To put it simply… I can’t do it alone. And my current pack is too inexperienced to be much help. I’d end up saving their asses.”

“So you came to us because you need our help.” Danielle said, cooing and walking towards him, putting her hands around his waist and pushing her body hard against his. “That’s soo cute Vincent, darling. Of course I’ll help you.”

“Pheh,” Kaine snorted. “I don’t see why you need me. I’m sure you two can handle it.”

“Awe,” Danielle cooed, rubbing her hands over Vincent. “Poor little Kaine is too embarrassed to see me with my little Wolf-toy. Would you rather I show you a good time too, and become my Mage-toy?”

Kaine’s face turned pure red.

“Knock it off Danielle,” Vincent said, pushing her away. “Come on now Kaine, when have I ever steered you wrong?”

“Let’s see,” he started counting off reasons on his fingers. “There was the time your father tried to convert you to his side, the time that you were framed, the time that we had to save the undead bitch, the time that the undead bitch almost got us killed from that spirit shape-shifter. So basically anything involving her nearly gets us both killed.”

“I think you’ve also forgotten the time that your little Mage society almost sentenced me and Vincent to death, that insane Mage that hunted down one of my own kind with the help of the herd, the time that you summoned a demon to this world because reality didn’t like you, lets see what else…”

“She’s gotcha there Kaine. We’ve all risked each others lives more times than I can count.” Vincent stated. “And I need your help once more on this. Because, if we don’t kill these things off, then that risks the concealment of the Uratha, Kindred, and the Awakened. Not to mention every other supernatural that’s hiding from the herd. We all know what humans are capable off. It only takes a few to see through the lies and spot the truth.”

He started walking down the alley, away from the busy street.

“So, you two coming?”

Kaine shrugged as Danielle placed a hand on her hips.

Together, they walked down the alley.