title says it all. I understand that a pikachu with a light ball is supposed to be on par w/ raichu, but from what I read they raised raichu's base speed to 110, which I understand to be particularly fast. Now, I know neither pikachu nor raichu are particularly wall like, but I still think they are useful, especially as a starter for a team. Of course I could be totally off base . Now to the topic at hand:

Pikachu with a light ball has its Sp. Attack and Attack are doubled. I understand the implications of this obviously. But the question is does it make it worth it overall to not evolve pikachu into raichu. The raised speed helps on raichu, and if you Super Train it would it essentially catch up to Light Ball pikachu? Or would a Super Trained LB pikachu still leave Raichu in the dust? I'm asking this because I just bred a pichu to get nasty plot on it. My pikachu does not have light ball, in fact I don't have one. Would it be more worth it to go catch a pikachu w/ a light ball? If not, then what level do you think would be best to evolve pikachu? Would it be better to hold off evolving pikachu, or would the change in stat gains not differ much?

My best guess in Super Training would be to go all out on Raichu's Sp. Atk and Speed. Maybe throw a few points into HP, Sp. Def and Defense, but mainly focusing on Sp. Atk and Speed. This would be for either Raichu or Pikachu. I come before the court because I can't make up my mind haha. I see the positives of both angles, but I also see the negatives. Any input would be much appreciated.