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Thread: New Attitude To Necroing Threads

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    Question New Attitude To Necroing Threads

    Taking into account the current number of active threads, I thought this should be brought to conversation. So as you can see from 'Who's Online', there are lots of interesting ancient topics at TPM. We could perhaps bring those topics back alive that way. It could work like if one member could bring a fixed number of old threads back weekly as 'blasts from the past'. But if you think my idea isn't good, please tell. Arguments are also more than welcomed.

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    Default Re: New Attitude To Necroing Threads

    We don't need a new attitude. The old one still works. You can bring back any old thread as long as it's still relevant.

    If you want to bring back things like the 2011 election thread, you will only create more confusion. But if you want to, feel free to make a new thread to discuss some memorable old threads and post links to them.

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