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Thread: What is your Elite Four team?

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    Default What is your Elite Four team?

    Yeah, this is one of those threads that would have worked better back when we had more members, but still.

    I thought Iíd see what everyone would be rolling with if they were an Elite Four member? You can decide your own rules based on past games or AI, but the only condition is: you must have a consistent type running through your roster.

    I would be running an all-grass lineup of...

    Ludicolo - Damp Rock
    Rain Dance
    Hydro Pump
    Energy Ball
    Ice Beam

    The point of this, of course, is to slow down fire-types, and give players a nasty surprise when they lead with a fire Pokemon for an easy sweep.

    If it can get Rain Dance off, itíll help keep its allies alive for longer, and it also has Ice Beam in case the opponent is opting for a flying-type sweeper.

    A lot of the Pokemon on this team have access to Chlorophyll, but thereís no way Iím going with a sun strategy on an all-grass squad.

    Abomasnow - Life Orb
    Wood Hammer
    Ice Shard

    The biggest beneficiary of Rain Dance, Abomasnow is here for a fun time, not a long time.

    Between Wood Hammer and Life Orb, itís likely to take itself out in a hurry, but it also has Earthquake in case any fire-types havenít gotten the hint yet.

    Leafeon - Normalium Z
    Swords Dance
    Leaf Blade
    Knock Off

    Nothing particularly special about this set. Leafeonís main objective is to successfully pull off a Z-move before dying.

    Knock Off to disrupt strategies, Swords Dance because Leafeonís in the mood for danciní.

    Breloom - Leftovers
    Swords Dance
    Mach Punch
    Bullet Seed

    Cry foul if you must. As best as I can recall, hidden abilities havenít been found on AI Pokemon throughout the series. But thatís Breloomís bread and butter, man. Heís already got a 4x weakness to flying attacks, let him just have this.

    So yeah. It has Technician, and the moveset to reflect that. Otherwise, itís basically Leafeon #2.

    Conventional wisdom suggests the Life Orb should go here instead of Abomasnow, but I like the troll job that comes with guaranteed sleep + Leftovers.

    Sawsbuck - Big Root
    Double Edge
    Horn Leech
    Jump Kick

    Primarily here because I like Sawsbuck. If it can outlast its foes between Toxic and Horn Leech, weíre sitting pretty.

    There are other items that would make more sense over the Big Root, like Leftovers or a Shell Bell, but I so rarely get a chance to arbitrarily insert the Big Root into a set.

    Venusaur - Venusaurite
    Sludge Bomb
    Leech Seed
    Giga Drain

    Based on AI from previous games, this is the last line of defense, which works just fine because by now, the rain will probably have dissipated.

    Mega Venusauriteís Thick Fat helps further mitigate fire and ice-type assaults, while Sludge Bomb is there as a last-ditch effort to combat flying-types, as well as squashing fairies because screw them.

    Leech Seed, Giga Drain and Protect are intended to keep Venusaur alive for as long as possible. I avoided Synthesis on this set in case it was still raining.

    And there you have it. So who you got?
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    Default Re: What is your Elite Four team?

    I always enjoyed Fire Pokťmon quite a bit so I guess I'd use a fire team. Also, since the last time I did some serious battling was during Diamond/Pearl there'll be no Pokemon or items attacks or items in the team introduced after that.

    Arcanine - Life Orb
    Thunder Fang
    Iron Head

    Houndoom - Power Herb
    Solar Beam
    Dark Pulse

    Charizard - Choice Band
    Brick Break
    Aero Ace
    Flare Blitz

    Tornupto - Passho Berry
    Solar Beam
    Sunny Day

    Camerupt - Leftovers
    Earth Power
    Sleep Talk

    Infernape - Charcoal
    Close Combat
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