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Thread: What Anime Merchandise/Stuff Do You Have?

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    Red face What Anime Merchandise/Stuff Do You Have?

    Not all of these are official, but I've got at least these items, they are mainly clothes:

    Akame Ga Kill! Night Raid hoodie
    Akame Ga KIll! Esdeath t-shirt
    Code Geass Ashford Academy hoodie
    Code Geass pullover (made by my mother)
    Code Geass stickers
    Code Geass Lelouch t-shirt
    Code Geass Lelouch t-shirt
    Death Note mug
    Death Note t-shirt
    Death Note t-shirt
    Digimon hoodie
    Gintama Shinsengumi uniform
    Gintama t-shirt
    Hetalia Prussia England Spain t-shirt
    Hetalia t-shirt with dozens of countries in it
    Naruto Akatsuki cape (made by my mother)
    Naruto black hoodie
    Naruto Six Path Sage hoodie
    Naruto stickers
    Naruto Uchiha crest t-shirt
    Pokemon Bulbasaur Sponge Buddie
    Pokemon Dialga pullover (made by my mother)
    Pokemon poster with some Pokemon Moves
    Pokemon stickers
    Pokemon wallet
    Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury action figure
    Sailor Moon Sailor Team t-shirt

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    Default Re: What Anime Merchandise/Stuff Do You Have?

    I don't have any anime merchandise.

    I do have some superhero T-Shirts; 2 Spider-Man shirts, 1 X-Men shirt, 1 Justice League shirt, 1 Wolverine Shirt, and 1 Thor/Hulk (it's a picture of them fighting) shirt

    I also have 2 Star Wars T-Shirts; 1 Boba Fett shirt and 1 Millennium Falcon shirt
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