Pokeball Pattern Vivillon Event at Pokemon Center Paris

Pokemon Center Paris - Pokeball Vivillion Event

From June 4th to 21st, a special Pokémon Center will open up in Paris, France.

This Pokemon Center will have a world exclusive 19th Vivillon pattern, a new pattern that is inspired by the colors of a Poké Ball. Participants with their Nintendo 3DS and their copy of Pokémon X or Y will be among the first to receive this unique Pokémon! Vivillon will be at Level 12 and comes with the moves Stun Spore, Gust, Light Screen and Struggle Bug.

About Pokemon Center Paris

The Pokémon Center will provide an interactive space for fans, who will get to learn how to draw the iconic Pokémon Pikachu. This will tie into the Pokemon Art Academy game coming out June 4th.

A Pokémon shop custom-made for Paris will offer a selection of stuffed animals, t-shirts and other exclusive items. And that’s not all! Visitors to the Pokémon Center in Paris can meet Pikachu, who is planned to greet fans and can get their picture taken with him during the weekend! (times to be announced later)

The Pokémon Center will open its doors to the following address:

CRÉMERIE de PARIS (Hôtel de Villeroy)
11-15, rue des Halles – angle 9, rue des Déchargeurs
75001 Paris / France

The Pokemon Center will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day, including Sundays, from June 4th to 21st.


via Pokemon France

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