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More Diancie and Mega Charizard News From Coro Coro Magazine

More scans have leaked for the next issue of Coro Coro Magazine. This time it reveals that #719 Diancie has the ability Clear Body, learns Hyper Beam and Explosion, and the tag line for the new Pokemon X and Y movie, “Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie” translates to “A grand adventure with the princess of the Diamond Mine Country.”

There also is a special Mega Charizard promotion happening in next month’s issue. Similarly like the Mega Garchomp promotion they ran a few months back, each issue will have a unique serial code that will allow you to receive a Charizard with a Charizardite stone opposite of your game’s version. So those with Pokemon X can get Mega Charizard Y and Pokemon Y players will get Mega Charizard X. Continue reading

Remaining Mega Evolution Artwork Leaked in December CoroCoro Final Mega Evolution Artwork

The final official artwork for the remaining Mega Evolutions has been leaked from December’s issue of CoroCoro magazine. Check them out in the gallery below.

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