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Fancy Vivillon WiFi Event Download Opens Fancy Vivillon Announced

Now that the trades on the GTS have reached 100 million, the Fancy Pattern Vivillon has now been released. It will be available now, July 7th through July 31st.

To receive yours, go to the “Mystery Gift” option on your Pokemon X or Pokemon Y game and select the Internet option. Afterwards, visit a Pokemon Center and talk to the person next to the counter to receive your level 12 Fancy Pattern Vivillon.

This Vivillon has an exclusive move called Hold Hands. It also knows Gust, Light Screen, and Struggle Bug.

Fancy Vivillon Pattern Event Coming Soon Fancy Vivillon Announced

Pokemon Traded via the GTSThe next Vivillon pattern has been announced! Do you remember seeing all of the “Pokémon Traded via the GTS” images featuring Vivillon’s many forms on the Pokemon Global Link website? If not, maybe the image to the right will jog your memory.

Well, it has been announced that once the number of Pokemon traded hits 100 million you’ll be able to receive Fancy Pattern Vivillon via a special distribution event. Once the goal is reached we’ll have to check back with Pokemon.com to see how to get our Fancy Vivillon. We’ll make sure to bring you the info when we get it!

Now if only we could find out how to get the Poké Ball pattern Vivillon to everyone outside of France.


(Source: Pokemon.com)