XY Furious Fists TCG Expansion Coming August 13th

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Furious Fists is the name of the next English Pokemon TCG expansion to be released August 13th, 2014. The set will feature over 110 cards, 5 new Pokémon-EX and 2 new Mega Evolution Pokémon. The Japanese equivalent set is called Rising Fist and will be released on June 14th in Japan.

Furious Fists Booster Packs

Furious Fists Booster Packs

About Furious Fists

Edit: A new post with the official press release is here.

Furious Fists will focus on Fighting type Pokemon, including: Hawlucha, Pancham, Pangoro, Lucario and Mega Lucario.

A new special Fighting type energy called Strong Energy will deal extra damage, along with a Fighting Stadium trainer card that allows all Fighting type Pokemon to do extra damage to Pokemon-EX cards. Korrina is a Trainer support card that will allow you to search your deck for a Fighting type Pokemon and an Item card.

There will also be two theme decks released featuring Pangoro and Sylveon, along with an Elite Trainer Box featuring Mega Lucario.

Furious Fists Release Announcement

Furious Fists Announcement from PokeCollector

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